What is a "Chakra?"

What is a "Chakra?"

Hi friends! Kellie here! Another rainy Sunday in the books here, but nonetheless a great one! With the moon in Leo today, I took the time to not overdo it. I did some very light housework, spent some leisure time getting to know a local mom while our kids played and now just settling in and waiting for dinner to finish! In the mean time, I felt like writing a little blog post about Chakras and provide you with a very informative article. I know not everyone might be familiar with the term or what I'm even talking about when I refer to a chakra! So let me shed some light on that here! 

My favorite and most simple explanation in short terms is to think of your chakras as energy points in your body. Think of them as spinning " disks" or light balls of energy. Your chakras, when open and aligned will cause your physical self and spiritual self to be fully in tune, meaning they will be receptive to the energy of the universe. You'll feel deeply at peace. When you have a stable chakra energy center within you - you will feel revitalized and balanced inside and out. 

So...with that being said, you can probably take a few guesses at what happens when your chakras become blocked or misaligned You might feel quick to anger or rage, emotional ups and downs, negative thought patterns and more. A blocked chakra can result in physical ailments, weakened immune and mental vitality and moods imbalances. 

Thankfully, breathing exercises along meditation and prayer practices can help us become aware to what our chakras need. Once we are aware of which energy center in our body isn't flowing freely, we can begin to work on those through more specific and intentional ways. 

There are seven major chakras inside of the body, each in specific locations of the spine. Outside of the body are 5 chakras. Here is where I am going to send you off to read this lovely article written by Vlad Dimancea that will take you into much greater detail about these chakras! Read his article here: 


I smell the lovely food in the oven and my guess is that my time is dwindling on the timer. For now, I hope I've provided you with some useful reading information to gain knowledge on such an enlightening topic of metaphysics. 

Love and light to each of you! 


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