About Us

Nature's Soul is a small, woman-owned business based in Ohio. A mother of 4 with a mission to bring health and happiness to families local and far, Kellie has a love for nature and ethical sourcing of the products you can find in her shop.

Originally, she started with Essential Oils. Kellie knew there had to be a way to sustainably source small batch and artisanal oils and without an MLM subscription. Her love for the healing powers of oils fueled her desire to start her own brand and search for small batch with an outcome with pure and high quality essential oils. Sustainable and ethical practices are always at the highest priority at Nature's Soul! 

Since then, she has grown not only her family and health, she has added gemstone and mineral products to the apothecary! 

Kellie has been a rock-hound her whole life, her love for the riches of mother earth is never ending. Yet again- she strives to only source and use the highest quality gemstones and to support fair trade distributors. She is happy to work with you on custom pieces and is still aiming to help manifest abundances of love and health for all people.