Valor & Co. Rep Program

Valor & Co. is our collection of handmade gemstone jewelry. While all jewelry is handmade in-house, Kellie has help from her rep team to keep things exciting on the Valor & Co social media accounts!

We are passionate about choosing brand representatives by seeing their positive examples of change in our world. We also feel encouraged by our rep team at Nature's Soul, which fuels creativity and passion for what we do.
Connect with us all on the Valor & Co. VIP chat group on Facebook! There you will find exclusive content and deals, including rep share codes and more! 
Meet our current reps below, each of them are people that Kellie has been grateful to know and recognizes the change they make in their community around them. Each of you are all just absolutely amazing people, mothers and role models! You rock! - Kellie 
Gretchen (above) is a full time homesteading mom and specializes in homeopathic energy medicine and reiki healing.
Clarissa- always following her intuitive path going wherever the wind takes her! 
Ceridwen (above) has a genuine love for our planet and for choosing environmentally friendly products. She shows unshakeable support and love for the LQBTQ community and we are enlightened to have her as part of our team! We love her vibe! 
Breann Mcnutt is an outdoor enthusiast and plant lover! She is growing her knowledge and  collection of crystals and gems. She brings so many fresh ideas to our team! 
Interested in joining the Valor & Co. Rep Ambassador team? Find us on Facebook! @Valorandcompany