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Light of Mine

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The "Light of Mine" design encourages self love and healing. This gemstone necklace features a stunning double-terminated Lavender Rose Quartz pendant to clear blockages in the Heart Chakra. When the Heart Chakra opens, we experience a surge of the subtle life-force energy moving freely through the heart. You could experience feelings of intense joy and compassion. When your Heart Chakra is free from blockages, it is common to experience unconditional love for all things and to realize the interconnection of nature. Let your heart shine! The stones surrounding the beautiful Rose Quartz pendant were specifically chosen to enhance and strengthen it's properties. 

 Stand Option Includes: 

- Your choice in size & clasp

-Double terminated Lavender Rose Quartz Pendants


-Tourmalated Quartz

-Raw, rough cut Amethyst nuggets 

-Blue Goldstone (AAA quality)

-Pink Rhodonite 


Rose Quartz is the universal stone of LOVE! if you feel that you need to open your heart or heal your heart, this is the crystal you need to use to do it. Rose Quartz does not only purify the heart but all stimulates the flow of love and energy throughout. Promote feelings of love for yourself and for others, conquer feelings of distrust and experience deep inner healing by using this beautiful and gentle stone. Rose Quartz and Labradorite when used together created the ultimate combo of self love AND self protection. 

Labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors of healing stones due to it's ability of deflecting unwanted energies from the aura. Labradorite aids in anxiety and stress relief, opens the third eye as well as stimulates the throat chakra to speak your truth and communicate more effectively. Labradorite has the full power to heal, protect and to produce energy. Labradorite can act as bridge between physical and spiritual. 

Tourmalated Quartz- Promotes emotional clarity and purifies the emotional body. Tourmalated Quartz will aid in protection from harmful thoughts and feelings and brings you to a state of being grounded by calming your mind. This is a great stone to pair with other members of the quartz family and  enhances the properties of the stones surrounding it. 

Pyrite is a highly protective and grounding stone. Pyrite will shield and protect against any and all forms of negative vibrations, working on the physical, etheric and emotional levels. Pyrite stimulates the intellect and enhances memory. As a ferromagnetic stone, Pyrite contains iron which has the ability to absorb radiation, shield the physical body from pollutants, toxins, EMF radiation and infections. Pyrite is one of our ultimate favorites! 

Amethyst is a peaceful stone, gentle yet powerful. Amethyst promotes tranquility and facilitates peaceful sleep and enhances the immune system. Wearing Amethyst aids in emotional stability, calming even the strongest of storms. 

Blue Goldstone, like the many sparkling stars in the night sky, transmits healing energy. It encourages self acceptance and aids in soothing hyperactivity. Blue Goldstone carries heavy metaphysical properties for enhancing manifestations and bringing confidence to the wearer.

Pink Rhodonite promotes compassion and emotional balance. This is a wonderful stone for balancing yin-yang energies, activating the heart and stimulates healing. Pink Rhodonite is great for encouraging feelings of self worth and well being all while clearing away emotional shock in a calming manner. When paired with Rose Quartz, these stones will offer endless amounts of healing to the heart and to the physical body.


Disclaimer: Sizes 16" and up will have more than one centerpiece. Each necklace is always given it's own unique design and layout may vary.

NEVER leave a child unattended while wearing jewelry, as it can be a choking hazard. always use your own best judgement when using beaded jewelry with your children.

Valor & Co. LLC is not responsible for injury  


Beaded Gemstones, Silk Cord, Nylon Coated Cable, Sterling Silver

Shipping & Returns

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your choice of length 10 inches-24 inches

Care Instructions

Recharge your Valor & Co. Gemstone jewelry under the full moon each month and daily in a sunny window <3

Avoid getting your jewelry wet. If necessary, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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