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Nature's Soul Apothecary


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- Joy - Kindness - Purity -

Citrus × limon

The refreshing scent of lemon aids us in detoxing as whole beings, and helps us to improve upon ourselves on a daily basis. Containing the same bright energies as the sun, Lemon reminds us that the most important gift we can give to someone is true kindness. This gift of the heart costs nothing, and yet can mean everything to the right person. Use lemon in your daily mix of oils, and who knows; maybe you’ll end up being the guiding light at the end of another’s dark tunnel.


Beaded Gemstones, Silk Cord, Nylon Coated Cable, Sterling Silver

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your choice of length 10 inches-24 inches

Care Instructions

Recharge your Valor & Co. Gemstone jewelry under the full moon each month and daily in a sunny window <3

Avoid getting your jewelry wet. If necessary, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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