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Nature's Soul Apothecary

Sun Roots

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 "Sun Roots" standard options include:

- Your choice of size on nylon coated cable / your choice of clasp. 

- AAA quality Tigers Eye (Red, Yellow and Blue)

-Natural Red Garnet

-Natural Yellow Aventurine

- Titanium Pyrite

- Sterling lobster claw closure

Tiger's Eye is connected with both earth & sun energy. Blazing bright streaks resembling the glow of the sun's energizing rays and the dark earthy streaks ground us to the land we walk upon. The sun above And the earth below offer stable energy and steady steps for a journey of remaining grounded, yet energized to fulfill your highest self. Aids in the release of stress and anxiety, inspires confidence in the wearer. Strengthen your courageous side and walk through your personal battles with resilience and protection with Tigers Eye.Tigers Eye aids in the activation of the Solar Plexus to keep you grounded and centered, even during times of chaos.

Red Garnet is a stone of love and commitment that makes you grounded and rooted to your relationships and values. Revitalize and enhance your sexuality using the warm energy of Red Garnet, bringing forth pillars of trust, sincerity, devotion, understanding and honesty. Use Red Garnet to aid in controlling anger or outbursts, especially towards the self. Enhance and feel the connection you have to the earth and to the people around you. Associated with the Sacral chakra, this is an energizing and regenerative stone that grounds us with abundance, prosperity and protection. 

Natural Yellow Aventurine promotes a steady flow of energizing light filled with love and bliss. This is a powerful stone to manifest and to open yourself to recieving so many more of the blessings offered to you! Strengthen you heart and love for yourself and others with Yellow Aventurine. Let your heart glow from the inside out- let your Universal light glow for miles! 

Titanium Pyrite is a highly protective stone and wonderful for supporting the wearer to block EMF and environmental pollutants. Titanium Pyrite is a powerful protector that also strengthens and balances the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. The sacral chakra, or the second chakra, is associated with emotions, feelings, sexuality, and creativity.



Each necklace is always given it's own unique design and layout may vary.

NEVER leave a child unattended while wearing jewelry, as it can be a choking hazard. always use your own best judgement when using beaded jewelry with your children.

Valor & Co. LLC is not responsible for injury  


Beaded Gemstones, Silk Cord, Nylon Coated Cable, Sterling Silver

Shipping & Returns

Free, lifetime limited warranty on repairs. Not all products qualify for return.


your choice of length 10 inches-24 inches

Care Instructions

Recharge your Valor & Co. Gemstone jewelry under the full moon each month and daily in a sunny window <3

Avoid getting your jewelry wet. If necessary, wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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    All Valor & Co. Jewelry comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We provide hassle- free repairs on qualifying items at the cost of replacement beads + shipping.