Restful Sleep Essential Oil Blends

Restful Sleep Essential Oil Blends

             The human brain is hands down one of the most impressive examples of natural biology in existence. The only organ in our body that is aware of itself, the brain regulates every single action our bodies take. From the conscious to the unconscious our brains shape our reality as we experience it. It would then be in our best interest to take care of our brains, and the best way to do that is to make sure that we get truly restful sleep.

              Every night we go through four stages of sleep where our brain works to repair our bodies, and minds processing the events of our day to day life. If we go without restful sleep, then our lives suffer as a result. Loss of motivation, inability to focus, mental and physical fatigue, these are just a few of the negative consequences from having a lack of sleep.

              When we find ourselves struggling to fall asleep it's easy to fall into the trap of just taking a pill to knock us out. It’s simple and effective, but new studies are coming out that show there may be a link between mental health issues, and extended use of sleeping medication. When we take a chemical sedative it essentially turns off the brain, and when the brain is shut down we only see one or two sleep cycles instead of four. This can hamper our brain's ability to repair itself making us feel even worse in the morning. If you’re looking for a natural sleep alternative to restlessness, below are a few blends we use to get us snoozing.







              Whether our kids seem to refuse to count sheep, or we just can’t seem to find that perfect spot on the bed, all three of these blends have been miracle workers for us. I sincerely hope they help you find the restful sleep you, and your family deserve.


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